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MMA4Real Presents: MMA's Forgotten Moves Part 2(The Two Strike Combo)

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This episode of MMA4Real's forgotten moves has to deal with the basic one-two combination.  Often we see MMA fighters lunge with a wild punch exhibiting little technique and no type of follow up behind that one punch.  Which is one of the reason's why I questioned how fighters work the pads in training a couple of weeks back.  However, if fighters got back to establishing a legitimate, but simple combination I think their striking techniques would be way more successful.  Now there are more variations of the basic one-two combo and I'll show a few examples in the .gif's below:

Denis Kang Combo

Here you see Denis Kang slip the jab of Alan Belcher and thow a left hook to the body followed by a straight right(it's a thing of BEAUTY too).  I think if Kang torques the hips just a bit more with that right he may have been able to put Belcher away.  This is variation of the standard left jab straight right, but is just as effective and a good tool to use to vary the attack.  More .gifs after the jump.

Paulo Thiago KOs Josh Koscheck

Here we see Paulo Thiago throw a lead uppercut followed with a left a I guess you could call that a left hook.  It's still a two strike combination and as you can see it does massive damage and ends the fight.


 Thiago Alves Low Kicks Josh Koscheck UFC 90

Now this is one that almost nobody uses anymore, unless you are Keith Jardine or Thiago Alves.  Alves throws the left jab that comes up just a bit short, but then follows that up with a massive leg kick that almost takes Koscheck's leg off.  The torque he gets from his hips is tremendous and those kicks were a big factor in Alves winning that fight.

When fighters use combinations like the ones above, it varies their attacks and gives their opponents another angle to worry about.  It's much more effective than just winging one punch and hoping it lands.  As you can see in the last .gif, the left jab came up short but made Koscheck leave his legs vulnerable to the kick.  Stay tuned to the next edition of MMA4Real's forgotten moves.

.gif's courtesy of mmacore