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Bobby Lashley Talks Brock Lesnar Post UFC 100

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To Wit:

"I’m not going to say anything bad on Brock, because Brock is doing all the right things," Lashley said. "[But] my sights are set on Brock. I’m not saying I want to fight him because he’s ‘the wrestling guy.’ I’m saying it because I am a heavyweight fighter and he’s the champ."

While people are quick to point out that both guys have traveled eerily similar paths to MMA, I can't help but see the large gap between them in regards of their development in MMA skills.  I honestly don't know if Lashley has what it takes to make it into the upper echelon of MMA heavyweights.  His continuance to stay involved in professional wrestling, albeit a limited role, doesn't help anyone arguing for him either.  I don't know what Lashley is being paid by TNA, it's likely to be a pretty good sum and I can't knock a man for getting his money.  However, if he's really serious about being the best HW in MMA he needs to eat, breath, and sleep in the gym.  An MMA gym at that.