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George St. Pierre Talks Partying After His UFC 100 Victory

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George St. Pierre Blogs Post-UFC 100:

The next day I went at a pool party at Rehab with all my friends who came to support me. We had a booth (cabana) and it was great spot in the place. I drank so much that I forgot my whole name. It was very cool because at one time, Thiago Alves showed up with his entourage and came in my booth (cabana) and drinking with me and congratulate me for the fight. I thought he was a class act and that prove that he was a real professional athlete and a real good person and a gentleman. I really appreciated it, he’s a great fighter and also a great gentleman, and we had a good time drinking together. John Fitch showed up as well, and we celebrate together our victories. Shonie Cartercame a little bit later with a gold speedo and a hat and a cane dressed like a pimp with his cane. He make us laugh very much and as always me and Shonie had a great time because Shonie is a good old friend of mine. We had an amazing time at Rehab then I came back to my hotel…took a little nap of one hour and went back to a club at night called Body English at the Hard Rock Hotel. I drank so much that I couldn’t sleep at night. I took my plane the following Monday – when I got on the plane…I think I was still drunk. The flight went very well. People who know me know that I can’t sleep on the plane, because I'm always afraid of flying, but the fact that I was drunk helped me out controlling my fear. I watched the movie Shawshank Redemption - it’s very, very good.

Then I came back home, went to have dinner at my parents’ place and had the chance to watch my fight again. It’s very funny because when you watch your fight on TV, it’s so much different because when you’re in it, you don’t have any clue of how the fight looks on the perception of the people who look at it.

I want to thank everybody who helped me out for that training camp out and support me. Thank you very much.

I couldn't help but read that with GSP's accent.  GSP got TWISTED, I don't think I've ever been so drunk I forgot my whole name!