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MMA4Real's July Welterweight Rankings


1. GSP

2. Jon Fitch

3. Jake Shields

4. Thiago Alves

5. Josh Koscheck

6. Martin Kampmann

7. Matt Hughes

8. Mike Swick

9. Carlos Condit

10. Nick Thompson

There hasn't been much movement in this division.  #1 GSP then ranked #2 Thiago Alves at UFC 100, and now Alves slips down to the #4 spot.  Jon Fitch regains the #2 spot with a win against Paulo Thiago at UFC 100.Jake Shields slides into the #3 spot and is still awaiting an opponent later this year.   #5 Josh Koscheck will be taking on unranked Frank Trigg at UFC 103.  #6 Martin Kampmann will be taking on #8 Mike Swick at UFC 103.  #7 Matt Hughes doesn't have anything scheduled.  #9 Carlos Condit will be taking on the always dangerous Chris Lytle at UFN 19.  Nick Thompson holds the #10 spot.