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What If Fedor Emelianenko Lost To Josh Barnett At Affliction 3?

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My dad and I were talking on Sunday about the whole UFC 100, Brock Lesnar, Fedor Emelianenko saga and he mentioned something I hadn't really thought of.  He said, "You know, if Josh Barnett beats Fedor Emelianenko at Affliction 3 all of this stuff would just go away."  I was like what do you mean?  I'm paraphrasing but this was essentially his point:

Basically, most MMA fans want to see Fedor come to the UFC point blank period.  The odds of that happening are slim to none though, (especially considering the latest video interview).  There's this mystique about Fedor that's marketable in that up to this point you really could argue that he's the best fighter we've ever seen in our lifetime.  The UFC could market him that way, and they have all that PRIDE footage to use at their disposal.  This is the only way they could market him.  However, if he were to ever lose before coming to the UFC, Dana White and company would probably lose all interest in pursuing him further.  Which would pretty much end the whole Fedor coming to the UFC debacle. 

I hadn't really thought about that as I'm always caught up in the argument that I just wished he was in the UFC.  I mean I don't think him losing would erase all of the incredible things he has done, but depending on how he lost it could do major damage to his stock.  Which would be akin to what happened to Tyson after the Douglas loss.  The UFC doesn't need him, and Fedor doesn't really need the UFC in the grand scheme of things.  He'll always have his die-hard fans that think he's more invincible than Chuck Norris, and the UFC will always have its supporters.  I'm at the point now that I've pretty much made up my mind that Fedor in the UFC is never going to happen.  This means we'll always have to put up with the hypothetical, fantasy match ups in which fans of Emelianenko and Lesnar duke it out in an endless battle.  Then I thought to myself, if Josh Barnett defeats Fedor wouldn't that pretty much end it all in regards to all the Fedor needs to come to the UFC talk etc? 

If Fedor loses before fighting in the UFC, would Zuffa still pursue him?  How many of you have gotten to the point of you just don't care if Fedor ever fights in the UFC?  Do you secretly hope that Josh Barnett defeats Fedor at Affliction 3?  Build with me here.