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What's Next For UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones?

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Jon Jones is fresh off of his third win inside the octagon at UFC 100.  He's beaten a guy that's versed in submissions(Gusmao), a guy that's a good wrestler(O'Brien), and a guy that's fairly well rounded(Bonnar).  In those performances we have seen Jones execute big slams, unorthodox striking, and now we've seen him end a fight via submission.  The guy continues to exude new qualities each and every fight, so I pose the question.  What's next for Jon Jones?

According to a recent statement, Jones was very unhappy with how often he was hit by Jake O'Brien at UFC 100.  Jake O'Brien is thought to be primarily a wrestler, although it's not impossible for him to improve his striking, but Jones feels as though he can improve in that area.  This quite frankly is something he'll need to do as he moves up the steep ladder of the UFC LHW division.  Jones has fought those lower to middle tier fighters, and now I think it's time to take a small jump up in competition.  He'll be 22 yrs old on Saturday, so there's no big rush on things from that point of view.  I'd like to see Jones take on the winner of Matt Hamill/ Brandon Vera possibly, or the winner of Ryan Bader/Eric Schafer.  Who do you think should be next for Jones?