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Quoteworthy: Dan Henderson Feels He Has Earned A Re-match With Anderson Silva

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Dan Henderson spoke with MMAWeekly about earning another title shot:

Ultimately its up to him (Dana White), but I feel in my mind that I came back and fought some fights and deserve that, but it's up to him to make that decision.

It’s a fight that I want and I feel like... I haven’t asked for it yet, I’d let it be known that I would like that rematch, but I have never asked Dana or anybody to give me that. It's just a matter of time, I knew that I had to win some fights and beat some good guys first and I feel like I’ve done that now. If it doesn’t happen, I kind of like fighting at 205 too, so there’s lots of match-ups for me.”

Henderson has gone 3-0 since losing to Anderson Silva at UFC 81 with lackluster decision wins against Rousimar Palhares and Rich Franklin, before impressively knocking out Michael Bisping at UFC 100. He was able to take Anderson Silva down in the first round of their first match up but did little to no damage. Which prompted Silva to open up his offensive arsenal and dispatch Henderson in the second round via rear naked choke. We have Demian Maia and Nate Marquardt squaring off soon in a very important match up for the UFC middleweight division. So I'll ask the question in the poll. Let us know how you feel!