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Quoteworthy: Fabricio Werdum Banking On Alistair Overeem's Cardio For The Win

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Werdum speaks to

Sure, I’ll bring to my area, but is that thing: the fight starts standing. I’ll train standing as on the ground, but I’ll give more emphasis to the ground. I like to train and fight standing, and it hasn’t that thing of taking the fight directly to the ground. It’s difficult to take Overeem to the ground. In the other time that we fought, I couldn’t give him any takedown, and he took me down five times, so I was forced to fight standing with him. The strategy is this, take to the ground as soon as possible and submit.  three years have passed and much has changed. As I changed, he changed too. I know he’s heavier and stronger, but there is one thing: the stronger and heavier, the guy can get tired fast. In our other fight, he gave me a heat in the first round and began to get tired in the second. I can use this strategy too, just wait for him to get tired, but if I have how to finalize before, I will.

This is an interesting fight as Werdum stated, both guys have changed a lot in the games since they last fought 3 years ago.  Werdum has improved his standup game, while Overeem has just gotten more powerful as time has passed.  Both are versed in submissions, but Werdum has the edge there as he was able to defeat Overeem 3 years ago via kimura.  I don't know if banking on Overeem tiring is the right strategy, as he went the distance in K-1 against Remy Bonjasky at a pretty good pace and was still packing a punch near the end.  So it'll be interesting to see how this one goes down.  Who you got?

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