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Will A North Carolina Based Fighter Breakthrough Soon?

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Here's something directed at some of our local MMA fans:

As most of our readers know, we concentrate a portion of our material on MMA items that will be of interest to our readers here in North Carolina. In just the past few years I've noticed a big improvement in the quality of both training and sparring that goes on in MMA gyms here in this state. Fighters based out of NC are also starting to make their presence known to a greater extent at regional events. However, up to this point there have been few fighters from North Carolina to compete in the largest promotions in the world.....yet. I do think that will change relatively soon. But here's today's question: Will we see a North Carolina based fighter competing for the UFC, WEC, Dream or Strikeforce anytime soon? Keep in mind that our state's most highly regarded MMA veteran, Spencer Fisher, is North Carolina through and through but hasn't been based out of here throughout his career. The same can be said for Marcus Jones, the North Carolina native that is competing on the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter. Marcus was born and raised in Jacksonville, NC and lived most of his life here but learned MMA in recent years down in Tampa, Florida and fights out of there now. So what do you think? Will we see a North Carolina based fighter competing in either the UFC (or another promotion that has a prestigious television contract) anytime soon? If so, which of the state's fight teams are they most likely to emerge from?