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What's Next For Michael Bisping After KO Loss To Dan Henderson At UFC 100?

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Michael Bisping reflects on his KO loss to Dan Henderson at UFC 100:

I honestly don’t know what happened to me out there. I will just have to accept what the organizers say in their rules about when I fight next and take it on the chin. But I do know that I have the ability to bounce right back and succeed in my aim of lifting the world title. Henderson won it fair and square and I have nothing but praise for him. I have seen people like my training partner ‘Rampage’ Jackson lose fights in one or two rounds and still go on to become one of the best light-heavyweight fighters of them all, so I am not disheartened in any way.

 Even though he almost got beheaded at UFC 100, Michael Bisping still has a couple of things going for him.

  1. He lost to a highly ranked MW
  2. It's the first devastating loss of his young career and he has time to bounce back

However, it'll be interesting to see just exactly how he bounces back and who the UFC decides to match him up with next.  They are either going to try and slowly rebuild him, or throw him right back in the mix against a legitimate opponent.  My guess would be to put him back in there with some middle tier fighters.  There are fighters out there like Chael Sonnen, Dan Miller, and Thales Leites in which Bisping could fight and with a win get a little credibility back.  If he can't beat them, then that just further proves that he isn't as good as he thought he was.  Who would you like to see Bisping matched up with next?