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Quoteworthy: Lorenzo Fertitta Says Teammates Will Fight Or Leave The UFC

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According to fiveouncesofpain:

"At the end of the day, we are here to see fighters and we are here to see fights," Fertitta said when asked about the potential of teammate vs. teammate match-ups.

"If teammates don’t want to fight, then they are just going to have to go somewhere else," he continued. "We don’t put up with that stuff.

We have talked about this scenario often here at MMA4Real in regards to teammates refusing to fight one another.  Personally, I think it's absolutely dumb for a couple of reasons.

  1. You fight one another all day everyday in practice anyways
  2. Why not get paid to do what you already do in practice?

I mean if your friendship can withstand one of you getting you butt kicked by the other, then odds are your friendship isn't as tight as you thought it was. 

In regards to Keith Jardine and Rashad Evans, I'm a little more understanding in that they are good friends that just so happen to fight in the same weight class.  However, I still believe they should fight one another if it ever came down to it.  It's the guys at American Kickboxing Academy that baffle me.  Especially considering that one of them(Mike Swick) moved from one weight division to the same weight division in which two of his teammates are contenders.  How can you have 3 fighters from ONE camp in the same division, and not expect to have to fight one another at some point? That's absolutely retarded, and if you didn't have any intentions of fighting your teammates if it came down to it, then you shouldn't have moved to that weight division.

It seems as if one of the big dogs is putting the hammer down, unlike Stephan Bonnar at UFC 100.  Lorenzo is basically putting the word out there, and I couldn't be more happier.  What say you. Also, for the fighters that read this site I'd love to get your take on things.  After all, my wife has stated that I'm heartless on more than one