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Ed Soares Says Anderson Silva Is A Tough Fight For GSP

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Ed Soares(Anderson Silva's manager) speaks to Fox Fight Game about a Anderson Silva/GSP matchup:

Anything is possible. You know, if that's what the fans want to see, then maybe. But, uh, anything can happen, but I think that's a tough fight for GSP, man

I think GSP presents Anderson Silva with more problems than any fighter Silva has fought in the UFC to date.  Silva has fought guys with good ground games(Lutter), good strikers(Franklin), and good wrestlers(Henderson).  However, he would face a fighter in GSP that brings all that to the table and more.  He would be facing a fighter, while having a weight disadvantage, that would be able to take Silva down at will in my honest opinion.  There is no one in MMA that transitions between striking and take downs better than GSP.  Anderson's length and the body triangle guard he likes to use could prevent GSP from advancing past his guard, but GSP could still do damage from that position.  So I think it's a really tough fight for Anderson Silva as well.  What say you?