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Is Jon Fitch Now The #2 Welterweight In The World After UFC 100 Performance?

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Jon Fitch held the # 2 ranking as he went to do battle with the George St. Pierre at UFC 87. However, upon losing that fight in the fashion that he did combined with Thiago Alves beating of the highly ranked Josh Koshcheck, the consensus was that Thiago Alves was the #2 welterweight in the world going into UFC 100. Thiago Alves was dominated by George St. Pierre in much the same fashion as St. Pierre beat Jon Fitch. Fitch who's currently ranked #3, fought at UFC 100 winning against an unranked Paulo Thiago via unanimous decision. He won in typical Jon Fitch fashion, working to get advantageous positions on the ground while doing a litte damage. So the question begs to differ, was Fitch's performance enough to earn him the #2 spot once again or should Jake Shields(ranked #4) get that spot with his finishing victory over highly ranked middleweight Robbie Lawler last month? Where does the loss place Thiago Alves?