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Amateur Fight League Presents: Fight To The Finish 6

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The Amateur Fight League promotion will be touching down on the east coast of North Carolina on Saturday, July 18th, 2009.  This will be the first sanctioned MMA event to take place on the Outer Banks of NC in Nags Head.  Live weigh-ins and the ring girl contest will be held at The Brewing Station Friday, July 17th @10pm. Tickets are on sale now and you can get your tickets here.  The fight card is as follows:

  • Tod Vlk(0-0) vs. Steve Phillips(0-0)
  • Nick Morrison(0-0) vs. Jason McDowell(0-0)
  • Chris Lewter(0-0) vs. Daniel Skipper(0-0)
  • Jamie Pickett(2-2) vs. William Lynch(1-1)
  • Jacob Hitchcok(0-0) vs. Lindsey Ormsbee(1-3)
  • Omar Santiago(0-0) vs. Chase Delong(3-0)
  • Billy Frezza(0-0) vs. Dustin Burchette(0-3)
  • Brandon Moore(0-1) vs. Mark Franklin(0-0)
  • Wayne Hunter(0-0) vs. Rodney Strickland(0-2)
  • Chase Daniels(0-0) vs. TBD
  • Anthony Reynolds(0-1) vs. Jonathan Thomas(0-0)
  • Christopher Burns(1-1) vs. Jason Ramos(1-1)
  • Christopher Ballance(1-1) vs. Christopher Cain(3-1)
  • John Perry(3-1) vs. Brian Ward(0-0)
  • Drew Graham(0-0) vs. Adam Gilbert(0-1)
  • Dennis Wrigley(2-1) vs. Zed Mitchell(0-0)
  • John Bryant(4-5) vs. Steve Montgomery(3-0)
  • Edward Jackson(6-4) vs. Pedro Gonzalez(0-1)
  • Casey Johnson(4-0) vs. Eric Farnham(0-1)
  • Bradley Cook(4-5) vs. Kelly Wilkins(0-1)

That is a TON of fights.  If you are in the area, I suggest you check out this event.