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UFC 100 Recap: Lesnar Treats Mir Like A Little Kid And GSP Dominates To Retain UFC Titles

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First of all, let me apologize to just now getting around to this as I just got home from the hotel.  We had to do breakfast to send my sister in law and her new husband off for their honeymoon and whatnot.  Now, on to the event that was UFC 100.  As you guys know I had to watch the event at a Hooter's down the street from the hotel, so that was an experience that I wouldn't care to replicate again.  I really dislike watching MMA with people that have no clue about what's going on.  I enjoyed the event, but not like I wanted to.  On to the fights:

  • Yoshihiro Akiyama/Alan Belcher-I knew this was going to be a competitive fight and it sure lived up to my expectations as the fight was pretty close.  I think both fighters had their moments, but Akiyama controlled Belcher a bit more, especially in the second round with the take down.  He was also able to drop Belcher and score a take down near the end of the fight which essentially won the fight for him in my eyes.  I had scored the fight 29-28 Akiyama, and was a little surprised by one judge scoring all the rounds for him.  However, the first round was razor close and I can understand a judge giving that round to Akiyama.  He performed relatively well besides appearing to be gassed at certain points during his UFC debut.  Belcher is a tough kid and overcoming the UFC jitters at the largest event in it's history was impressive. 
  • Michael Bisping/Dan Henderson-See, I knew I should have picked Henderson damn it!  Anyways, Bisping never looked comfortable in there but I was surprised that he was absorbing the big right from Henderson.  He got tagged a couple of times in the first round and was able to survive.  In the second round he seemed to find his rhythm a little better, but that big right Henderson threw landed right on the button.  I didn't really like the follow up shot that Hendo threw as he knew Bisping was out, but Bisping had talked A LOT of smack leading up to this fight.  So it's understandable that Hendo would want to do that.  Bisping did make good on one promise though, as he didn't get taken down.  Too bad he got taken OUT though.
  • GSP/Thiago Alves-This fight went how I expected pretty much.  GSP possesses the best tools of any MMA fighter in MMA point blank period.  He can take you down at will, he can strike, and he can grapple.  Thiago showed tons of heart, but the reach disadvantage(which I didn't know was that big) proved to be the difference.  All of his punches and kicks came up short, allowing GSP to time them and score take downs.  I really think GSP could beat Anderson Silva and that's a fight that needs to happen.
  • Brock Lesnar/Frank Mir-I pretty much called this one as did many of us here at MMA4Real.  Frank Mir got treated like he was Lesnar's little brother and they were wrestling in the back yard or something.  The crowd at Hooters was anti-Lesnar.  I told them what was going to happen before the fight started, but they didn't believe me.  They lost.  LOL.  I couldn't beleive that Lesnar said what he said in the post-fight interview in regards to Bud Light.  I've since read that he has apologized for those remarks.  That's definitely something that he and Zuffa want to avoid.  Then again, maybe that will get Coors to pay the $100K to sponsor Lesnar?  Ok, enough of the playing around....let's see Lesnar/Fedor.
  • Jon Fitch/Paulo Thiago-This fight went just as I knew it would with Fitch winning a grinding decision.  Since Thiago Alves lost, is Fitch the #2 WW in the world though?  I don't know about that one.

Give us your thoughts on the event.  I'll be back with more on GSP, Jon Jones, Mark Coleman,  and Lesnar.  I'll also have the results from the MMA4Real Betting game up later on as well.  The quick results are after the jump.

UFC 100 coverage

  • Jon Fitch defeated Paulo Thiago via Unanimous Decision
  • Brock Lesnar defeated Frank Mir via TKO in Rd. 2
  • GSP defeated Thiago Alves via Unanimous Decision
  • Dan Henderson defeated Michael Bisping via KO in Rd. 2
  • Yoshiro Akiyama defeated Alan Belcher via Split Decision
  • Mark Coleman defeated Stephan Bonnar via Unanimous Decision
  • Jim Miller defeated Mac Danzing via Uanimous Decision
  • Jon Jones defeated Jake O'Brien via Submission(Guillotine) in Rd. 2
  • Dong Hyun Kim defeated TJ Grant via Unanimous Decision
  • Tom Lawlor defated CB Dollaway via Submission(Guillotine) in Rd. 1
  • Shannon Gugerty defeated Matt Grice via Submission(Guillotine) in Rd. 1