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5 Ways The The Stars Aligned For UFC 100

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Just saying UFC 100 had some sort of 'ring' to it even before the first rumored fight for the card was announced.  According to Dana White, he had fans and others asking him about UFC 100 all the way back in July of last year.  I'm sure Zuffa and company would have found a way to make this event stand out from the rest, but they had a ton of good and bad luck along the way to help make this weekend what it has become.  Let's take a look:

  • Brock Lesnar/Frank Mir was originally supposed to take place at UFC 98, however, Mir suffered an injury that moved this fight to UFC 100.  GSP/Thiago Alves is definitely worthy and capable of headlining the card alone.  But there's nothing like having the biggest PPV draw in MMA headlining the event.
  • This event taking place in the middle of the summer just feels right.  I mean imagine this event taking place in let's say October?  Yea, see what I mean...also there's no NFL playoffs, MLB playoffs, NBA Finals, or anything from the other three major sports happening right now.
  • The tragic death of Charles "Mask" Lewis earlier this year.  Purely conjecture on my part, but odds are if he hadn't past on, he wouldn't be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame this weekend(not that his contributions were not deserving).  He and the guys from Tapout have given a ton to this sport that we all know and love.  The thing is, they were doing it during the toughest of tough times for this sport.  RIP "Mask".
  • The signing of Yoshihiro "Sexyama" Akiyama with his debut taking place at UFC 100.  An impressive win for him could mean big things for Zuffa from a global point of view in the future.
  • Chuck Liddell losing his last two fights in the fashion that he lost them.  He's a UFC Hall of Famer regardless, but he probably wouldn't be going into the Hall of Fame this weekend has he won at least one of those fights. He'd probably be headlining or co-headlining UFC 100 itself. 

Feel free to add your own.  Also, be sure to join us back here tonight for LIVE commentary in the open thread and discussion beginning with the main card at 10pm EST.  For those not able to join us, remember you can now comment on MMA4Real from your mobile.  There are no excuses now!