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UPDATED Report: UFC Welterweight Anthony Johnson Arrested For Domestic Violence

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Via MMAMania: has been able to confirm with the Hayward Police Department that UFC welterweight fighter Anthony Johnson was arrested on June 27 in Hayward, California on misdemeanor charges including domestic battery involving his ex-girlfriend.

"Rumble" was also charged with criminal threats and the destruction of a cell phone to prevent the reporting of a crime. He was arrested shortly after contacting police about the incident.

Johnson posted bail and was released later that day. He is scheduled for a pretrial hearing on July 17. The Johnson camp was not available for comment but is expected to issue a statement shortly.

 The good part is that he basically turned himself in to authorities and no further harm was done.  So we'll stay up to breast as more develops on the story.

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 07/10/09 2:30 PM EDT ] 

Via MMAAgents:

"It has come to light that an email is being circulated with false and misleading information pertaining to Mr. Anthony Johnson. On behalf of Mr. Johnson we would like to address this issue. On June 27th Mr. Johnson was arrested in Hayward California and was charged with misdemeanors stemming from an alleged altercation with an ex-girlfriend. Mr. Johnson is completely and unequivocally innocent of all charges. These charges are completely outside the realm of Mr. Johnson’s character; he has no prior criminal record and has never been in trouble with the law. Furthermore, any assertion that the UFC played a part in posting his bail or in covering up the incident is completely untrue. Unfortunately, professional athletes are frequently made the victim of such false accusation. We ask that judgment is withheld until all relevant facts are known."