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Is UFC 100 Do Or Die For TUF 6 Winner Mac Danzig?

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We all know that UFC 100 is a historic event with many story lines coming and going as we near the event. However, one story that many people have probably forgotten amongst the excitement is that TUF 6 winner Mac Danzig is fighting on the prelims of the event. He will be fighting the always tough Jim Miller who is coming off his first loss in almost 3 years. Whereas Mac Danzig has lost his last two fights in the UFC, and a third loss could see Zuffa cutting ties with the TUF 6 winner. We just saw a similar situation with Joe Stevenson, who was the TUF 2 winner and had lost back to back fights before pulling out a win against Nate Diaz. If Danzig loses this fight, it could result in the first time that we have seen Zuffa release one of it's TUF winners from their contracts. It's going to be a tough fight for both guys as both are fairly well rounded with Danzig maybe having an advantage standing. Miller probably has the advantage with wrestling, and Danzig has had problems with being taken down in the past. See the Clay Guida fight. I'm sure Miller doesn't want to lose two fights in a row, and Danzig has to know it's do or die for him at this moment in his UFC career. This could turn out to be an absolute war. Who do you see coming out on top?