Diego Sanchez Will Get The Winner Of Kenny Florian/BJ Penn For A Shot At UFC Lightweight Title

According to Kevin Iole's mailbag:

Diego will get the next title shot against the winner of the B.J. Penn-Kenny Florian fight at UFC 101 on Aug. 8 in Philadelphia. While I agree with you that Maynard is deserving, Sanchez is a former "Ultimate Fighter" winner and is 10-2 in the UFC, not counting his wins on TUF 1. While I wouldn’t be opposed to having Maynard and Sanchez fight and seeing that winner get the title shot, I believe Sanchez has won enough fights and waited a long enough time to deserve the next chance.

I agree with Iole's sentiments here in that I think Maynard is deserving as well, but is getting passed over because Sanchez has more name recognition. This is especially the case after the performance he turned in at the TUF 9 Finale with almost 3 million people seeing him fight. Also, they may very well meet in the future depending on the outcome of Florian/Penn and the winner of that fight against Sanchez. So it's not really a big deal I suppose, because Maynard could use some more experience and training in the mean time to make his game a bit more well rounded. How to you see Sanchez doing against either Florian or Penn?

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