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Battle Group International Presents: "Clash In The Grass"

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UFC 100 isn't the only MMA event happening on July 11th, as "Clash In The Grass" will be held on that day as well in Greensboro, North Carolina.  This event will be held OUTSIDE near Bar 40 Sports Bar and Night Life and will begin at 7:30pm EST.  You can purchase tickets here.  General admission tickets are $25 in advance, and $30 at the door.  Ringside Tickets are $45 in Advance, $50 at the door, with VIP tickets also being available.  According to MMA4Real reader Supaflip, "after the MMA event, UFC 100 will be playing in the bar on the big screens and there won't be a cover charge for those who attended the fights".  

The fight card can be found after the jump, and as always is subject to change:  

  • Richard Riggins II(0-0) vs. Nick Blake(3-1)
  • Joshua Stanley(1-2) vs. Bradley Essick(2-1)
  • Brandon Black(0-1) vs. Josh Smith(2-1)
  • Jason Heilig(2-6) vs. Sylvain Bynum(3-2)
  • Scott Stagner(2-2) vs. Matthew Hawks(1-1)
  • Carlos McKeithan(0-0) vs. Sean Tavares(0-0)
  • Najee Muhammad(0-1) vs. Nick Davila(1-0)
  • Joseph Webster(0-0) vs. Michael Turner(2-1)
  • Teruo Mays(1-0) vs. Robert Shanor(2-0)
  • Casey Hogge(4-2) vs. Casey Baynes(0-0)