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Jens Pulver: "I Don't Know Where To Go"

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Jens Pulver tries to answer questions about what's next for him after losing 4 fights in a row in the WEC promotion.  Pulver tried to announce his retirement during the post fight interview, but then backed off the comments later on in the same interview.  In the video above, he makes it clear that money is an issue and that could force him to keep fighting.  Pulver was the highest paid fighter on the WEC 41 card, making $31, 253 for his efforts.  That's not much money, but it's still more than the current champion as well as the former champion and former posterboy Urijah Faber.  Which highlights another problem in regards to lighter weight fighters not making as much as their heavier counterparts.  I really think Pulver should retire, but who am I to tell someone that when a man has a family to take care of.  Personally, I think he would be a great addition to the WEC broadcast booth and I'm sure he could open up a gym to earn a successful living that way as well.  However, I suppose once a fighter...always a fighter.  By the way, Pulver epitomizes what this sport is about in this video.

HT: Cagewriter