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Tim Sylvia Wouldn't Hesitate To Fight Brock Lesnar

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Tim Sylvia spoke with Fighters Only about fighting Brock Lesnar:

"I want to fight a couple of times and get some wins, get some momentum again but if the UFC called and said 'We want you to fight Brock in three months', I would do it," he said to Fighters Only recently. 

 Sylvia spoke on if he thinks Lesnar earned his title shot, and gives thoughts on Lesnar/Couture:

"I don't agree with it, but you saw what happened! As big as he is when he hits you, you know about it," Sylvia (24-5) explained. "He improves every time he fights. He has got some good people behind him and he trains smart. The sky is the limit for that guy."  "I think Randy was kicking his ass and then Brock caught him with that big overhand right," the former champ opined.

"I thought Randy was manhandling him in the first round and I thought the second round was going the exact same way, then Brock landed that big shot and... he's a big boy," he laughed. "When he hits you it is going to hurt. Plus you know, he had fifty or sixty pounds on Randy."

Of course he would come back to the UFC and fight Brock Lesnar for the title if the UFC called him to fight.  I mean he hasn't done anything except get demolished by Fedor since being released by Zuffa.