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Breaking Down The WEC 41 Main Event: Urijah Faber vs. Mike Brown II

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The main event of WEC 41 is a fight that I'm heavily anticipating in Mike Brown vs. Urijah Faber 2.  This fight will answer and pose quite a few questions.  Will Mike Brown be the future of the featherweight division?  If Faber loses, does he drop down to the bantamweight division? These are all interesting scenarios that will be determined by this fight.  Let's take a look at some of the factors in this one:

Urijah Faber-Even those he has a loss to Mike Brown already, Faber was still the favorite in the last set of odds I saw.  Faber can win this fight, but he'll have to do so using his speed and quickness.  He'll also need to just stick with the basics and stay balanced in his attacks.  I can see Faber possibly winning a decision if he uses his striking skills similar to the way he fought Jens Pulver the first time.  However, he can't allow himself to be hit the way he did against Pulver though or it'll be lights out just like the first time he fought Brown.

Mike Brown-This guy is absolutely huge for the featherweight division and his size could play a big part in this fight.  Mike Brown will need to use that size to bully Faber around and even take him down to grind him out.  I think Faber's game plan will based around his explosiveness/quickness, so Brown can nullify that with take downs and ground work.  Then again, he can just keeping it standing and wait to land one of those Hadoken punches like he did the first time.

All in all, I see this fight being different than the first fight for a couple of reasons.  I think Faber will be a little more cautious, again using his speed/quickness advantage.  He'll probably want to fight at a high pace(as he always does) which could possibly benefit him in the later rounds since this is a 5 round fight.  This fight is probably going to go one of two ways.  Mike Brown is going to finish Faber around the 3rd round via TKO, or Faber will win it if it goes to the judges.

How do you see it going?