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Which UFC 100 Fights Are You Most Looking Forward To?

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With UFC 100 fast approaching, I'm curious to see what matches everyone is looking forward to the most. You've got the big 3 headliners (Lesnar vs. Mir; St. Pierre vs. Alves; Henderson vs. Bisping). Then you have a stacked undercard as well. If you could select one of the big three fights that you're most looking forward to and one of the other eight undercard fights, what would be your two most anticipated matchups? Personally, I can't wait to see Henderson vs. Bisping, and it has nothing to do with their appearance as coaches on TUF. From the undercard bouts I'm most interested in seeing how Yoshihiro Akiyama makes the transition to the UFC against a very talented fighter in Alan Belcher. Jon Jones against Jake O'Brien is not far behind on that list, though. What are your thoughts. Which of the big three fights and which of the undercard fights are you most looking forward to?