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Join The MMA4Real Betting Crew

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The new season of MMA Playground's betting game starts July 11th with UFC 100. For this season we will be challenging Bloodyelbow to see which site can accumulate the highest average in terms of earnings and picking percentage.  So in other words we gonna give them the business like they are our sons and we died rich entrepreneurs.
The first season results are here.
Currently we have the following people signed up to participate.  However, we NEED MORE PEOPLE so if you are interested in joining our fight camp send me a message, or just leave a comment in the thread so I can send you an invite.  Also, please remember to keep your MMA4Real screenname and your MMAPlayground screenname the same or as close as possible.  The current roster as of right now is after the jump.
  1. Tha Realness
  2. bdw
  3. cauliflower_ears
  4. KneeToTheFace
  5. TheBoss
  6. B_Money
  7. Some_Guy
  8. CosmoSherry
  9. giftofjab
  10. barrbarian
  11. Dirteeyankee
  12. clwalkerjr
  13. saevusantistes68
  14. SlickRick00
  15. Dr_Cox
  16. McLovin75
  17. steak_knife