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What Huge 'Deal' Is Dana White And The UFC Working On?

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Dana White said this at the end of the first video blog for WEC 41:

"I told you guys that I had a bunch of big news for you. Obviously, you heard Kimbo Slice is in the ultimate fighter season 10 which we started filming today and Lorenzo and I had a killer, killer meeting in Los Angeles today, and uh I was hoping I’d be able to tell you about it today but the way deals go, they take time, so I can’t tell you today but I can tell you it was a great meeting, and I’m feeling very confident that we’re going to get this deal done, and it’s literally going to change the UFC forever and mixed martial arts."

 There are all types of rumors flying around right now.  Some people think he's going to sign Fedor, some think it's Gina Carano, some thing it's another toy deal.  I honestly have no idea about what it is, as Dana has a way of making these 'big announcements'.   Usually, they are pretty big, but the scope of them can't be appreciated by the casual fan because they are not on the internet devouring all things MMA related.  I'm pretty sure it doesn't have anything to do with Fedor or Gina Carano.  I highly doubt it's announcing another toy deal.  My guess is it has something to do with TV.  What do you think it is?