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Breaking Down Scott Smith vs. Nick Diaz At Strikeforce

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I'll say this off top, I'm a huge Nick Diaz fan and I was happy to know that he would be fighting again so soon after taking out Frank Shamrock just as I said he would.  This upcoming fight against Scott Smith is pretty similar to the Shamrock fight for Diaz in my opinion.  I think this is Nick Diaz's fight to lose as he has pretty much every advantage you could have in a fight, except Scott Smith has that one hitta quitta KO power unlike Frank Shamrock.  I really think landing a haymaker is the only way for Smith to win this fight. 

Nick Diaz usually does a great job with using his reach to his advantage as he paws with jabs and 1-2's.  Smith loves to keep the fights standing, and it's doubtful that he would want to go to the ground with Diaz anyways.  However, Diaz has chosen to use his boxing more and more lately opposed to his ground game.  His last four wins have come via the TKO variety, so this could in fact turn into a stand up war.  However, if Diaz remains calm and sticks to what he's good at, he should have no problem with Smith.

Scott Smith's ability to put people way with one punch and Diaz's willingness to stand and trade is what makes this fight interesting though.  Smith has become accustomed to being on the brink of defeat, only to land a punch that ends the fight.  So that moment is what we'll be anticipating as the fight progresses.  I just don't think we'll get to that point.