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Report: Martin Kampmann vs. Mike Swick Possible At UFC 103

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MMAWeekly with the news:

A welterweight contest between Mike Swick and Martin Kampmann is likely for UFC 103, has learned from sources close to the fight.

While bout agreements have not been signed, both parties have agreed to the match-up.

UFC 103 is expected to take place on Sept. 19 at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, the promotion’s second trip to the Lone Star State. The event has yet to be announced by the UFC.

Now see, this is what I call great match-making if this fight comes to fruition.  Mike Swick mentioned fighting Matt Hughes in his next match up and reportedly was asking for that fight.  However, this fight makes much more sense in the fact that Hughes isn't in the title picture anymore.  The UFC needs to build viable contenders for the winner of GSP/Alves at UFC 100 and this fight helps accomplish that.  Both of these fighters are pretty well rounded, so this fight could be fireworks.  Who you got?