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Dana White Has No Interest In Signing Vitor Belfort And Chuck Liddell Might Fight Again...Plus More

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Vitor is under contract with somebody else...I have no interest in Vitor right now


I don't know what Huerta wants to do.  We've tried to talk to Roger and see what he wants to do..I really don't know what this kid wants to do.  We have one more fight with him so we're gonna give him a fight with Gray[Maynard] on free tv.
He[Cro Cop] hasn't fought in Japan yet, so we'll see what happens.  I wouldn't have done that[verbal contract] if I didn't think he was going to stay with me.  He said he wanted to end his career with me.

So he basically confirms that the Huerta/Maynard fight will happen, and it'll happen on FREE tv.  I'm just speculating here, but it seems as if somebody put a bug in Dana's ear about Vitor Belfort or something.  I mean he blatantly mentioned Vitor Belfort on Inside The Octagon during the TUF 9 Finale.  Maybe Tom Atencio had his lawyers to holla at Dana White or something about Dana possibly talking to Belfort while he's still under contract with Affliction?  Give me your thoughts....after listening will Liddell fight again?  Will Huerta decide to fight instead of trying to act?  Will we see Cro Cop back in the UFC?

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