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Why Bobby Lashley Isn't In The UFC

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Our bubby Zak Woods over at WKR asks the questions why Bobby Lashley isn't in the UFC after destroying Bob Sapp:

How is it that two men with nearly identical resumes are in such different places within their career? WKR already touched on the issue of timing and Lesnar's brighter star in the WWE, but that doesn't change the fundamental skill sets of each fighter of which Lesnar and Lashley appear identical. 

It is not like the UFC doesn't need more athletic heavyweights (hell, they just need more capable heavyweights) thus the question remains how can one be a champion while the other be in the minors?


Lashley just spoke with some other friends of ours at and pretty much answered the question:

I think this fight game is a learning progress. The guys in the UFC have plenty of fights under their belt and they’re incredible fighters so I think what I’m trying to do is fight in these organizations and build myself up and get my ring rust in and get some fights under my belt so that I feel really comfortable. And when I feel really comfortable I take that step up to the UFC, Strikeforce, Affliction, whichever one it is and then start fighting the big boys. I don’t want to go into those organizations as another fighter working my way up. I want to go into those organizations as a serious contender for a title when I make it over there.

Also, not to mention that he isn't Brock Lesnar and they have don't share identical resumes since Lesnar is a NCAA wrestling champ.  Whereas Lashley was a NAIA champ, and being a former college athlete myself, there's a pretty big difference in competition.  I think Lashley's taking the right approach in that he has a lot of holes in his game that he's working on right now.  There's no sense in trying to fight with guys that have a significant advantage in terms of experience and skills.  Plus, if Lashley strings together some wins and beats a couple of semi-credible opponents, he'll have more leverage at the bargaining table so to speak.  He's stated that he wants to fight in the UFC, so when the time is right I'm pretty sure both will come to terms and make it happen since they have had dialogue in the past.