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MMA For Real Exclusive Post-Fight Interview with North Carolina Fighter Joseph Carroll

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Joseph Carroll (2-0 Pro; 8-2 Amateur) took time out after his impressive victory on Saturday night to talk with MMA For Real:

Rich Wyatt: You just finished a very talented fighter in Keith Richardson. How did you feel out there tonight?

Joseph Carroll: Well, first of all I'd like to thank God. I'd also like to thank Fight Lab Pros for the opportunity. I felt really good coming into this fight. As for my gamplan: I never really come in with much of one. I usually end up getting beat up a little bit and see where things go from there. I usually test the waters out and react to what my opponent does. I knew that Keith was going to try to throw me around a little bit, but I knew that I just needed to work to my strengths out there, to work my jiu-jitsu. I just got back from the worlds out there in California and I lost in the first round but learned a lot. I'd like to thank everybody that helped get me ready for this fight.

Rich Wyatt: I noticed that you came out in a southpaw stance early in the fight. Do you feel just as comfortable fighting left handed while standing?

Joseph Carroll: I work both orthodox and left handed in training. Sometimes it works as a tactic to throw the other guy off. I like to work both. It helps me to work a good gameplan out there. I make lots of adjustments out there mid-fight.

Rich Wyatt: I noticed when you landed the first guillotine attempt out there on Keith it looked like you rolled him multiple times and it looked tight. Did you think you had that sunk in?

Joseph Carroll: I had the guillotine in and it was tight. I for sure I thought I had it and that it was in deep, man. He was a strong guy and powered out of it.

Rich Wyatt: When would you like to get back in the cage next?

Joseph Carroll: This is my first fight since January so I'd like to fight again as soon as Fight Lab Pros or any promoter can put something good together for me. I'm always looking for opportunities and for sponsors to help me out. It's tough doing this by yourself, man. I would love to get back in there as soon as possible, though.

Rich Wyatt: Well congratulations on the win, man. You did a great job tonight against a very talented fighter in Keith Richardson and you're one of the best lightweights in the Carolinas.

Joseph Carroll: I greatly appreciate it. I couldn't do it without my sponsors: Corner Apparel, Fight Lab Pros, Charlie's Café, Uptown Barber, Ink Culture, MMA Conditioning Training Camp, Gracie Baja, Blackwater Management and all the people that have helped me out. I want to also give it up to Fight Lab Pros once again. Kenny Letts puts on a hell of a show. Probably the best one in the state.