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Jon Fitch: "I Need One Or Two More Impressive Wins To Earn A Title Shot"

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Jon Fitch spoke with MMAMania about his upcoming UFC 100 fight against Paulo Thiago:

Jon Fitch: He’s scrappy. That’s the biggest thing about him. He’s a really scrappy guy. He can come in at different angles than you’re used to. He can do things he’s really not supposed to and still get away with it. I have to be very careful and very tight with my technique and keep some good pressure on him but I can’t get into that risk game.

I take it that means he's going to take him down and grind him out in typical Jon Fitch style.  However, that doesn't really help his cause in regards to earning another title shot because his wins aren't really spectacular if you will.  The guy just knows how to win.  Check out what he says in regards to earning another title shot:

I might need another fight. Thiago and GSP are fighting the same night. I’d like to fight again sooner than probably they’re going to be ready to after that fight. It depends on the bosses and what they say. I know that I need at least one or two more impressive wins, not just normal victories, and I know I’ll put myself right back into a title shot.

He's probably right in that he needs to not just win, but win impressively considering the beating he took from GSP at UFC 87.  However, if Thiago Alves is able to get past GSP then that could changes things since Fitch already has a victory over Alves from 3 years ago.