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NAGA North Carolina: July 11th, 2009

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On Saturday, July 11, 2009 the world’s largest grappling tournament circuit, NAGA will make it’s debut in Charlotte with it’s 1st annual NAGA North Carolina Grappling Championship.  This tournament is open to all grappling styles and competitors, you do not need to be on a team or be a member of any organization to compete.  NAGA welcomes both individuals and teams to compete.  This event is nationally RANKED!

This tournament will take place at the same venue that Fightlab promotions used for Misery Loves Company 2 this past weekend.  You can download the event flyer and registration form here, or pre-register online here.  You can visit the the NAGA website for more detailed information on the event.  It's great that NAGA will visit North Carolina and I'm sure the turnout will be huge.  If you are a North Carolina grappler, go get signed up today if you haven't already and represent the state well.