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Tito Ortiz Close To Signing With Strikeforce?

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Yea, I know it's Tito Ortiz talking once again and I've about to the point where I just dismiss whatever he says.  In the video above, he discusses Strikeforce, starting his own fighting promotion that would be affiliated with Strikeforce, the usual integrity business man, UFC/Dana White bashing.  He also mentions a couple of up and comers that he would like to have join his camp.  The one interesting fight at Strikeforce for Tito would be Babalu Sobral, as they have a little rivalry going.  It's actually one fight that I can see Tito winning against a credible top ten fighter.  However, that fight may disappear if Babalu is unable to get past Gegard Mousasi in his next match up at Affliction 3.