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MMA Mid Year Awards: 5 Dope Fights On Paper That Turned Out To Be Duds In 2009

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As we've already covered there have been some memorable moments thus far in 2009.  However, there are always a few fights that are hyped or look good on paper that always turn out to be duds.  Below are fights I was looking forward to that just were really sub par in my opinion.  In no particular order:

  • Clay Guida vs. Nate Diaz, UFC 94
  • BJ Penn vs. GSP, UFC 94
  • Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites, UFC 97(This fight was just horrible enough to make the list regardless)
  • Spencer Fisher vs. Caol Uno, UFC 99
  • Rob McCullough vs. Marcus Hicks, WEC 39

What say you?