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Ultimate Chaos: Lashley vs. Sapp Weigh In Results

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SHVYT: Bobby Lashley (255.4) vs. Bob Sapp (322.2)
265 lbs.: Gilbert Yvel (237) vs. Pedro Rizzo (243.6)
145 lbs.: Din Thomas (146.6) vs. Javier Vazquez (144.8)
155 lbs.: Chris Horodecki (155) vs. William Sriyapai (154.8)
170 lbs.: Brett Cooper (169.2) vs. Waachim Spirit Wolf (168.4)
160 lbs.: Tom Atencio (160.4) vs. Randy Hedderick (159)
155 lbs.: John Harris (154.2) vs. Brandon Harder (154.2)
175 lbs.: James Orso (173.2) vs. Danny Abbadi (174.6)
170 lbs.: Eric Bradley (170.4) vs. Kelly Leo (168.4)
170 lbs.: Colin McKee (174.2) vs. Lance Thompson (172)
160 lbs.: Eric Graham (159), Petal, MS vs. Drew Wallace (159)
265 lbs.: Greg Maher (265.2) vs. Rocky Overstreet (253.4)

The Ultimate Chaos event will air LIVE via PPV at 9pm EST at a suggested retail price of $29.95 on Saturday night.  MMA4Real will be hosting an open thread and discussion for those of you that plan on watching the event.  So come join us tomorrow night for what looks to be a very solid card.

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Ultimate Chaos: Lashley vs. Sapp coverage