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Weigh-In Results for Misery Loves Company 2

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There was electricity in the air in uptown Charlotte tonight as most of the fighters for tomorrow night's Misery Loves Company 2 card weighed in. The promoter of the event, Kenny Letts of Fight Lab Promotions, showed a nice touch by making the fighters accessible to the public, holding this weigh-in at the Hooters uptown. This card is stacked and should be a great event for MMA fans in the Charlotte area. Local fighter Michael "Cornbread" Allen was the MC for the evening and even interviewed some of the fighters. The fighter quote of the night came when lightweight fighter "El Dingo Loco" Joseph Carroll was asked about his training for his opponent Keith Richardson, who at 5'6" is shorter than Carroll: "I brought in a whole team of Oompa Loompas to get ready for this fight." Carroll has a great sense of humor and is a fan favorite in western North Carolina. All of the fighters showed a lot of respect for each other and promised to give the fans plenty to cheer about tomorrow night. There are some promising young fighters from western NC and upstate SC appearing tomorrow. The weigh in results after the jump:

Professional Fights:

Keith Richardson (South Carolina) 154.8 lbs. (1-0 Pro; 4-0 Am) vs.

Joseph Carroll (North Carolina) 155.6 lbs. (1-0 Pro; 8-2 Am)

Matt Covan (North Carolina) 154.3 lbs. (4-2 Pro) vs.

Jeremiah Brown (North Carolina) 154.8 lbs. (0-2 Pro)

Jesse Riggleman (Virginia) 134.8 lbs. (7-0 Pro; 2-0 Am) vs.

Butch Marks (North Carolina) 134.6 lbs. (Pro Debut; 1-0 Am)

Brian Keller (North Carolina) 170.9 lbs. (2-0 Pro; 2-2 Amateur) vs.

Derrick Kennington (South Carolina) 170.6 lbs. (2-1 Pro; 2-1 Amateur)

Amateur Welterweight Title Fight:

Travis Ferrell (South Carolina) 171 lbs. (5-1 Amateur) vs.

Blaine Thomas (West Virginia) 170.2 lbs. (4-3 Amateur)

There will be another five additional amateur fights on the card tomorrow evening. The significance of holding this event at The Grady Cole Center in Charlotte cannot be overstated. MMA history buffs will recall that UFC 3 was held there back in September of 1994. Less than a year later North Carolina instituted a boxing commission for the first time to ensure that "no holds barred" fighting would no longer take place in the state. Tomorrow's event in this venue is a symbol to MMA fans in the Carolinas that we've now come full circle.