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Lee Murray Back In Prison

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Ah, yes. The Moroccan government giveth and the Moroccan government taketh away. Everyone's favorite MMA fighter/Bankrobber landed back in a Moroccan prison after a brief release earlier this week. Mike Chiatpetta broke the story:

"Lee Murray's freedom was short-lived. The ex-UFC fighter who is one of the most wanted men in the UK for allegedly masterminding a $92 million cash depot heist in Tonbridge, has been re-arrested in Morocco following the hearing that refused his extradition. Lee was indeed rearrested right away, because the British Authorities did put [in] a formal request to the Moroccan Authorities to have him tried in Morocco for the alleged robbery," his attorney Abdellah Benlamhidi told FanHouse via email."
Mike Chiapetta reporting at MMA.Fanhouse

Tito Ortiz is once again safe for the time being.