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UFC 100 Preview: Jon Jones Talks Jake O'Brien

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Rising star Jon Jones spoke with Sergio Non of USA Today about an array of things, but had this to say about his upcoming opponent in Jake O'Brien:

I plan on being a completely different animal than he's ever faced before.

I'm just working really, really hard with my wrestling. I've watched all his fights. I think he got (Andrei) Arlovski down. Obviously he didn't get Cain Velasquez down, because he lost that fight, but I want to be one of the first fighters that he couldn't take down and I just want to stuff every takedown attempt that he has and push him into deep waters by keeping him on his feet.

I've been wrestling for years. A huge part of collegiate wrestling is to be able to escape, and I never had a problem throughout my wrestling career getting out from the bottom. I like to move until I get free, so I'm going to try to move until I get free if he gets me down.

I definitely won't be a victim of his laying and praying on you, just kind of stalling. I won't let that happen.

The entire interview is definitely a good read, and he even speaks on the holes he sees in Lyoto Machida's game.  The most impressive thing about Jones to me is, besides his unorthodox striking style, his ability to land in side control from his throws/take downs.  Below is a visual of what I'm talking about as Jones drops Stephan Bonnar on his neck:


He speaks on it in the interview as well.  I mean whenever you are able to land in side control, you are saving time and energy in terms of having to work to get out of your opponents guard.  Which gives you more time and energy to inflict damage to your opponent, basically fighting more efficiently.