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MMA4Real's June Welterweight Rankings

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1. GSP

2. Thiago Alves

3. Jon Fitch

4. Jake Shields

5. Josh Koscheck

6. Martin Kampmann

7. Matt Hughes

8. Mike Swick

9. Carlos Condit

10. Nick Thompson

There hasn't been much movement in this division.  #1 GSP will be taking on #2 Thiago Alves at UFC 100.  #3 Jon Fitch will be taking on unranked and AKA killer Paulo Thiago at UFC 100 as well.  #4 Jake Shields just disposed of then highly ranked MW Robbie Lawler at the last Strikeforce event and currently doesn't have a fight scheduled.  #5 Josh Koscheck will be taking on unranked Frank Trigg at UFC 103.  #6 Martin Kampmann doesn't have a fight scheduled currently.  #7 Matt Hughes just defeated then ranked #10 Matt Serra at UFC 98 unimpressively, therefore he stays at #7.  #8 Mike Swick just took out Ben Saunders at UFC 99, and is rumored to face #7 Matt Hughes at some point.  #9 Carlos Condit doesn't have anything scheduled as of right now.  #10 Nick Thompson just suffered a controversial loss to Tim Kennedy this past weekend, but the bout was at 185 so I'm not dropping him out of the top ten for now.  Huge matchups coming up so the rankings could look at little different by this time next month!