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MMA4Real's June Middleweight Rankings

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1. Anderson Silva

2. Dan Henderson

3. Nate Marquardt

4. Gegard Mousasi

5. Yushin Okami

6. Yoshihiro Akiyama

7. Jorge Santiago

8. Robbie Lawler

9. Demian Maia

10. Thales Leites

-#1 Anderson Silva will be taking on #4 ranked LHW Forrest Griffin at UFC 101.  #2 Dan Henderson will be taking on unranked Michael Bisping at UFC 100 for the UFC #1 contenders spot.  #3 Nate Marquardt will be taking on #9 Demian Maia at UFC 102.  #4 Gegard Mousasi will be moving up to LHW to fight #7 ranked LHW Babalu Sobral at Affliction 3.  #5 Yushin Okami is on the shelf with an injury currently.  #6 Yoshihiro Akiyama will take on unranked Alan Belcher at UFC 100.  #7 Jorge Santiago will be taking on unranked Vitor Belfort at Affliction 3 in a big MW fight.  Belfort would crack the top ten with a win there.  #8 Robbie Lawler just dropped a few spots due to his loss to highly ranked Jake Shields at the last Strikeforce event.  #10 Thales Leites will be taking on Alessio Sakara at UFC 101.  Some big fights coming up on the horizon with quite a few guys knocking on the door of the top ten.