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MMA4Real's June Light Heavyweight Rankings

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Light Heavyweight

1. Lyoto Machida

2. Rampage Jackson

3. Rashad Evans

4. Forrest Griffin

5. Shogun Rua

6. Keith Jardine

7. Babalu Sobral

8. Rich Franklin

9. Luis Cane

10. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

-#1 ranked Lyoto Machida is scheduled to defend his title against #5 ranked Shogun Rua later in the year.  #2 ranked Rampage Jackson is scheduled to face #3 ranked Rashad Evans later in the year as well.  #4 Forrest Griffin will be taking on #1 Middleweight Anderson Silva at UFC 101.  #6 ranked Keith Jardine will be facing unranked Thiago Silva at UFC 102.  #7 ranked Babalu Sobral will be facing Gegard Mousasi(who's ranked as a MW) at Affliction 3.  #8 Rich Franklin just defeated previously ranked Wanderlei Silva at UFC 99.  #9 Luis Cane and #10 ranked Antonio Rogerio Nogueira currently don't have anything scheduled as of now.  I would love to see Luis Cane fight Rich Franklin next though, as that would be a very intriguing fight in my opinion.