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Quoteworthy: Monte Cox Says Tim Sylvia Has Got To Keep Fighting

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According to MMAWeekly:

"He’s an MMA fighter, that’s what he does for a living," said the big man's manager. "He’s got to keep fighting – he’s too young to quit."

Tim Sylvia has lost 3 in a row, getting finished each time and lost 4 out of his last 5.  He showed up to the Ray Mercer fight at over 300 pounds and got knocked out in 9 seconds.  He's burnt his bridges with Dana White and the UFC.  He's placed himself in a no leverage position in terms of salary, because no one is willing to pay him the amount of money he think he's worth now.  Man, talk about going from sugar to shit huh?  Maybe Sylvia can go to Japan and get a couple of fights under his belt with DREAM or something?