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Fightlab Promotions Presents: "Misery Loves Company 2"

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Fightlab promotions will be at the Grady Cole Center in Charlotte, NC. this weekend hosting their "Misery Loves Company II" event.  You can get your ticket information here and the event starts at 7:30pm.  Rich Wyatt of MMA4Real will be in attendance so make sure you come by and say hello.  The fight card is after the jump.


  • Andrew Davis vs. Marc Corum
  • Ryan Brunke vs. Daniel Terry
  • Matt Marshall vs. Jeremy Holm
  • Rocky Shelton vs. Adam Dehart
  • Jonathan Freeman vs. Ryan Overcash
  • Travis Ferrell vs. Blaine Thomas
  • Brian Keller vs. Derrick Kennington
  • Butch Marks vs. Jesse Riggleman
  • Keith Richardson vs. Joe Carroll
  • Jeremiah Brown vs. Matt Covan