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Mississippi Will Play Host This Weekend to Lashley vs. Sapp

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This Saturday, June 27th in Mississippi will mark the next fight for heavyweight prospect Bobby Lashley. The fight card is as follows:

Bobby  Lashley (3-0) vs. Bob Sapp (10-4-1)

Pedro Rizzo (16-8) vs. Gilbert Yvel (35-13-1)

Din Thomas (24-8) vs. Javier Vasquez (12-2)

Chris Horodecki (12-1) vs. William Sriyapai (12-4)

Tom Atencio (1-0) vs. Randy Hedderick (1-0)

Brett Cooper (9-4) vs. Waachiim Spiritwolf (5-4)

James Orso (4-2) vs.  Danny Abbadi (3-4)

I pose these questions to our readers: Any interest in this event or in Bobby Lashley as a potential heavyweight prospect? If nothing else, this lineup has provided me with one of my favorite MMA fighter names: Waachiim Spiritwolf!