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Two North Carolina MMA Events This Weekend

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Carolina Fight Promotions presents "Clash At The Coast III" on Saturday, June 6th, in Wilmington, NC.  The fights will take place at the Schwartz Center.  The fights begin at 7:30 pm and you can get your ticket information here.  The main event will see TUF alum Brandon Garner defend his 135lb title against William Childs.  The rest of the card is as follows:

  • Paul Flowers(0-0) vs. Chol Miu Chi(0-1)
  • Rodney Strickland(0-1) vs. Antonio Jones(1-0)
  • Adam DeHart(2-1) vs. Cory Crumpler(0-0)
  • Christopher Cain(2-1) vs. Scott Stagner(2-1)
  • Jake Goode(0-0) vs. Gavin LeFever(0-0)
  • Bob Bradshaw(0-1) vs. William Estes(1-2)
  • Robert Abrantes(1-0) vs. Jerrod Sanders(2-0)
  • Paul Wright(0-0) vs. Tomar Washington(4-0)
  • Lee Stuckey(1-2) vs. Jeremiah Brown(0-1)
  • Valentin Bueno(0-1) vs. Byron Bloodworth(1-0)
  • Roger Caroll(3-2) vs. Jacob Whitfield(1-1)
  • William Childs(1-1) vs. Brandon Garner(6-1-1)

This Circle Of Fury MMA event will take place Saturday, June 6th, in Winston Salem, NC.  The venue is the Millennium Center, 101 W 5th St.  The doors open at 7pm and the fights begin at 8pm.  You can get your ticket information here.  The fight card is as follows:

  • Charles Carr(0-0) vs. Nick Bradley(0-0)
  • Danny Mcinvale(0-0) vs. Aaron Tumbleson(0-0)
  • Jacob Johnson(1-0) vs. Casey Johnson(3-0)
  • Carl Stevens(1-0) vs. Steve Montgomery(2-0)
  • Joe Caudle(1-1) vs. Matthew Hawks(1-0)
  • James Ronsick(1-3) vs. Robert Shanor(1-0)
  • Stephan McCormack(0-0) vs. Sherman White(0-0)
  • Jerry Smith(1-0) vs. Jesse Leonard(1-0)
  • Joshua Stanley(1-1) vs. Pedro Martinez(1-2)
  • Nicholas Stephens(0-0) vs. Casey Hogge(3-2)
  • Johnny Bonds(3-1) vs. Jeffrey Tharington(4-0)
  • Jason Nicholson(0-1) vs. Chris Clodfelter(6-6)
  • Scott Monish(4-4) vs. Justin Dalton(1-1)

Come on out and support your local MMA events.