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Could The Ultimate Fighter 10 Vindicate Kimbo Slice?

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First of all, I have gained some respect for Kimbo Slice on deciding to join the cast of The Ultimate Fighter 10. In a recent interview, Dana White said that Kimbo wasn't paid any money to join the cast. My opinion is that even if Kimbo was paid extra money to join the cast, he still has my respect. This guy could have gone overseas and made big money in Japan. However, he has choosen to go through six weeks of training and fighting in a house for the chance at winning the mini-tournament that is The Ultimate Fighter. If Kimbo loses on the show then that wouldn't be a surprise as many people thought his fights beforehand were hand picked by his handlers. What if he wins the show though?

After Kimbo Slice was KO'ed by TUF 2 alum Seth Petruzelli, many people wrote Kimbo off and thought his MMA career was over...myself included. Now granted, Kimbo will not be fighting the best heavyweights in the world on TUF 10, he will be facing legitimate guys that are fighting for the same thing he's fighting for. I'm not clear on what format TUF 10 will be using in terms of making it to the TUF 10 Finale. However, Slice would more than likely have to win a minimum of 1-2 fights to make it to the Finale. Which if he makes it that far, that would be the highest rated TUF Finale EVER. If Kimbo were able to win The Ultimate Fighter 10, he would win the UFC contract. Would doing so vindicate him of all the past shenanigans that went on with him and EliteXC?