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The TUF 9 Finale Fantasy Thread

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Charles has been swamped with work(as we all have), but we're gonna go ahead and finish out this last event in this version of MMA4Real's Fantasy league.  Everyone did pretty well with UFC 99, as Matt Bishop was flawless, and I only missed one pick with others doing the same.  The TUF 9 Finale will air on Spike TV beginning at 9pm EST.  Also, we'll be launching the ALL NEW MMA4Real Fantasy League and you can check here for more details on it.  Be sure to sign on up and the first event for that will start with UFC 100.  Also, be sure to join us here for the TUF 9 Finale open thread and discussion on Saturday night.  Lets' go get your picks in!

RULES: If you have agreed to participate you MUST pick your winners before the preliminary fights of the event begin.

FORMAT: It's easy, you pick a winner, how you think they'll win (because of the numerous submissions you can just say 'via submission'), and what round they win in. Getting these things right will help your record as well as your score.

RECORDS: If there are five bouts on a card, your record will show how many you pick right and how many you pick wrong. So if I got 3 fights right and 2 wrong, then my record for that event would be (3-2) and so forth.

POINTS: I will calculate a point system just to add to the breakdowns of the fight. Here's how it goes:

If you pick the winner - 1 point
If you pick the winner + how they win or what round - 3 points
If you pick the winner + how they win + round - 5 points

I will tally all the points after an event.

Main Card

  • Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida
  • Nate Diaz vs. Joe Stevenson
  • Kevin Burns vs. Chris Lytle
  • DeMarcus Johnson vs. James Wilks
  • Andre Winner vs. Ross Pearson

Preliminary Card

  • Melvin Guillard vs. Gleison Tibau
  •  Mike Ciesnolevicz  vs. Tomasz Drwal
  • Brad Blackburn vs. Edgar Garcia
  • Jason Dent vs. Cameron Dollar 
  •  Frank Lester vs. Nick Osipczak

#1 - Matt Bishop (12-0) - 36 points


#2 - Kelvin Hunt (11-1) - 32 points

#3 - B Money (11-1) - 27 points


MMA4Real UFC 99 Standings

  1. Matt Bishop (12-0) 36 points (REIGNING UFC CHAMP)
  2. Kelvin Hunt (11-1) 32 points (REIGNING WEC CHAMP)
  3. B Money (11-1) 27 points (REIGNING STRIKEFORCE CHAMP)
  4. Hellsing (11-1) 23 points
  5. 3PA (10-2) 32 points
  6. Ahhhoki (10-2) 28 points
  7. bdw (10-2) 26 points
  8. the barrbarian (10-2) 24 points
  9. Charles Walker (10-2) 12 points
  10. Felix (9-3) 23 points
  11. Neil (9-3) 23 points
  12. cauliflower_ears (9-3) 19 points
  13. Rich Wyatt (8-4) 14 points
  14. BonelessThurs (7-5) 17 points
  15. E. Spencer (7-5) 13 points
  16. valthguy (7-5) 13 points
  17. 17.    cosmosherry (7-5) 11 points
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