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Dana White Honored As Brand Builder Of The Year

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Via UFC.Com:

If July 11th's UFC 100 event isn’t

proof enough of the innovative work spearheaded by UFC President Dana White that allowed a struggling brand to not only survive, but thrive, Wednesday night’s Promax / BDA Television Century Awards ceremony at the New York Hilton solidified White’s place among the elite in the sports and television worlds, as he was honored with the Brand Builder of the Year award.

"To be here is amazing," said White. "I never thought I’d see this day, even though I always thought UFC would be a success. Spike TV is a completely perfect partnership for us, and I'm truly honored."

Launched in May 2003, the Promax / BDA Television Century Awards were created as an annual award to honor television's elite for their contributions to building brands. White was honored along with Sam Howe, head of marketing for Time Warner, Jordan Hoffner, Director of Content Partnerships for Youtube, and Susan Kantor, SVP Marketing for Warner Brothers.