The All New MMA4Real Fantasy League

After hearing from several of you in regards to revamping the MMA4Real Fantasy League, well that's exactly what we are going to do. We will be joining the MMA Playground betting game. So this is what I need for you to do if you have participated in the MMA4Real Fantasy League up to this point. If you are new and want to get in then the same applies to you as well. You need to goto the link provided and sign up for an account. If at all possible to try use the same screen name you have here at MMA4Real, get it as close as possible if you can't get the same exact one. We'll be creating a fight camp for MMA4Real, in which we will be competing against our SBN brethren over at Bloodyelbow in terms of who can get the highest % right . We'll still be doing the individual accolades as well.

Once you create your account(if you don't have one already) pick your username in the comments section, and we'll send you an invite to the MMA4Real fight camp. The new fantasy league will begin with UFC 100, so let's go ahead and get the ball rolling so we'll be ready when the time comes. This should be dope. Holla at me if you have any questions, and if you know of anyone interested in joining the league have them join the community here and create their account on MMA Playground.

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